Habicurious Group, Inc. is a consulting company offering strategic planning and implementation with a focus on community development.

We craft meaningful, intelligent products and experiences taking into account a variety of perspectives. We research the past, evaluate the present, and plan for the future.

Our strength is connecting the dots between the tangible and the intangible.



Begin with the end in mind.

Conduct a thorough needs analysis, including consultation, research, and comparative analysis, to construct foundational goals and objectives. It's the heavy lifting and it's time well-spent.

The results will be used to craft creative, considered and effective solutions which may be custom, tailored, out-of-the-box or some combination of the three. 

Look for hidden value.

Link, leverage and augment what already exists to engage and benefit stakeholders in innovative and cost-effective ways. Identify and access funding opportunities. Form creative partnerships. Ask how what we're already creating can be used - and re-used - for additional economic and social returns.

Partner with the right people.

Partners can include individual contributors, ngo’s, non-profits, consultants/contractors, educational and cultural institutions, and government departments. The objective is to select peers across disciplines who offer a variety of strengths.

Sometimes the right people - those with depth, breadth, unique skills and local knowledge - can lie below the surface, just out of view. In the short term it may require additional effort to find and engage them instead of rolling with the usual suspects, but in the long term it pays to ask the people who know. 

By engaging those outside our comfort zone with divergent opinions, complimentary experiences and varied approaches, we sidestep solutions created in echo chambers, solutions that look good on paper but fail in real life.

Be curious.

Read more. See more. Explore more. Create more. Listen more. Think more. Reflect. Repeat.

A variety of distinctive inputs generate robust outputs. And there's always more to learn.


We focus on research, writing, strategic planning, and project implementation in the housing and community development space (for profit, not-for-profit, government).

We offer:

  • Needs assessment
  • Research and documentation
  • Project management
  • Event development and management
  • Promotion
  • Writing - reports, marketing copy, narrative non-fiction, social media (blogging), media releases 
  • Narrative photographic services 
  • Identification and management of funding opportunities
  • Training development and delivery; coaching
  • RFP coordination

We are available for time and materials and/or project-based billing.


Habicurious Group is a project-based organization. Resources are identified and paired according to specific needs. We partner with individuals, companies and other groups who have expertise in their focus areas.


Andrea Cordonier, Principal

Andrea Cordonier is a general management consultant, writer, photographer, community leader and construction carpenter. She is Principal Consultant at Habicurious Group, Inc.

She has worked with public, private and non-profit clients in a variety of sectors, including research, media and entertainment, luxury travel, energy, manufacturing, agriculture and defence. 

Andrea's interest in community development, and preference for learning ‘from the ground up,' prompted her return to school and graduation with honours in Advanced Housing (Green Building & Construction Carpentry).

For more than fifteen years she has held key roles and actively led initiatives covering the spectrum of grassroots community development: project and event management; fundraising; facilities management; community consultation and visioning; funding; governance; volunteer recruitment and retention; and communication and citizen engagement. As a mother of four, she is attuned to the educational, cultural and environmental needs of children and youth. With older parents, she has firsthand experience with the challenges of Alzheimers and aging in place.

Her focus lies at the intersection of people, their homes and communities. She writes about that intersection - the nexus of shelter and social, physical, economic, cultural and environmental well-being - at Habicurious.com.

A Vancouver native, she currently resides in rural Ottawa.


Select Clients

Magellan Vacations 

General Motors Canada/Performance Auto Group 

The Conference Board of Canada 

B.C. Hydro 

B.C. Hydro International 

Ministry of Agriculture 

Department of Defence 

B.C. Lions Football Club 

Canada Wide Magazines


Select Volunteer Work

2017, Local Host, National Canadian Film Day 150 (promotion, media)

2016/2017, Local Host, Festival of Small Halls - Burritt's Rapids 

2015, Photographer, Workers History Museum (Team member, photographic cataloguing of the Domtar/E.B. Eddy buildings & site)

2015, Founder & Coordinator, Jane's Walk Burritt's Rapids Community Festival

Ongoing, Board Member, Burritt's Rapids Community Association (formerly Chair, Secretary, Member-at-Large, securing of funding opportunities, event coordination, project management of facility upgrades, community facilitation, fundraising, promotion, media/government relations)

Founder & Chair, The Greening Project for Rideau 175 (Development and implementation of public gardens in Burritt's Rapids in advance of the 175th anniversary of the Rideau Canal)




We're always interested in meeting potential clients and future partners or associates.


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